Saturday, July 01, 2006

CHIN picnic

Miss CHIN, Anisa Xhakolli

July 1st otherwise known as Canada Day here in Toronto. An annual tradition dating back 40 years was the CHIN picnic. It's one of those things that I seem to remember doing as a family thing. From ice cream eating contests, eating various ethnic foods, watching the bike races, to the hilight the Miss CHIN bikini or Mr. CHIN swimwear, depending on your preference, contest.

This year I went to cover the picnic and found that Chris and Kyoko had a friend, Heath, biking in the race in the early afternoon. Overall the picnic didn't seem as busy as I remembered it as a kid. Maybe it's due to being a lot shorter back then and not being able to see over anyone.

Heath is the one wearing orange in the middle of the picture.

The gap between the leaders and the rest of the pack.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for taking all those pictures of the CHIN Picnic Criterium Races. I'll have to arrange it with you to get pictures of Heath burned on cd so Chris & I can give it to him.