Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Getting It On

Two bugs going at it on my spearmint plant.

Today I noticed two bugs doing the nasty on my spearmint plant. I guess they didn't have to worry about bad breath. Seriously though there have been a bunch of advertisements floating around warning about some asian beetle eating and destroying our trees. I wasn't sure what kind of species these bugs were.

If any of you readers out there know what kind of beetles these are please post a comment.


Sakura Punk Attack! said...

This isn't an asian longhorn, looks almost like a firefly but I don't think it is. Helpful eh?

BagelHot said...

Excellent. I'm actually thinking of trying to find the asian long horn beetle to shoot it. The ads that are up around the city really don't do the bug justice.

That's provided I actually have time to do that sort of thing.