Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Dinner Party

Me, prepping dessert (photo taken by Emmanuel Lopez)

Noon. Still groggy from the roller derby, punk shows, birthday celebrating I managed to wake up to get to the local "no frills" (grocery store). The night before, I back timed the amount of hours I would require to make three loaves of corn bread and a dessert for Juliet's dinner party.

The dinner party was scheduled for 4pm. By my calculations I would have at least four hours to run to the store, buy the ingredients, prep the ingredients and bake. The corn bread took a bit longer than anticipated and I ended up having to prep and finish the dessert in Juliet's kitchen. The dessert was a cheesecake with strawberry chunks, banana filling, and a crusty graham cracker crust seperated with a thin caramelized chocolate layer.

Juliet and Emmanuel in the kitchen

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