Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mike Demonte's Party

Mike Demonte hosts his 40th birthday party.

At about 3am I managed to get back into Toronto from the pub/bar in Hamilton. Just in time to catch Mike DeMonte's party winding down. There were two backyards, a hot tub, and booze. Nice.

"Is she fat? uh... no!"

At one point I had met this girl (see above) with a tattoo running down her back. She thought she was fat. The first thing to come to my head was "She's insane" then it came out my mouth. A bunch of others seemed to agree.

I stayed until the sun started to come up at which point Neil and I walked up the street to take the 24 hour streetcar home. It had been a long shooting day and by the time I got home (around 8am) I was left with about 4 hours of sleep before having to wake up to go to the grocery store. More on this in tomorrow's blog entry.

Neil makes his way home at 6:30am.

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