Monday, July 24, 2006

Photo Prep Day

Daniel near Downtown Camera

After a not so secret meeting with Leanna (the makeup artist) and Vaia (the model), we had to go over the shoot we were going to do, I ventured off towards the camera district. For this blog's purposes the camera district is located at Church and Queen street. There used to be a bunch of various camera places but they've mostly gone out of business. The only two remaining stores are Henry's and Downtown Camera. The later being the one I frequent more often.

It was while going there to pick up a lens cloth and price out some visatek lighting gear that I bumped into Daniel (a 3D animator from my days at Calibre). He was getting his video camera fixed. What are the odds of running into someone you know on the street?

In my heyday I ran into people I knew quite often. At least that's what most of my friends would tell me. Not so much now. Different time schedules? People moved away? Who knows.

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