Monday, July 17, 2006

A Fellow named Othello

Vocal artist Othello

Today's lax time was taken up by shooting a singer at various locations. Barb, the manager, was in a last minute crunch and required pictures el pronto for her art department. As we didn't have any locations booked (or even thought of) until today and there was no concept other than the artist wearing a suit, welding a sword, or wearing a baseball cap and jeans I had to get pretty creative. What's with the whole looking cool with a sword anyway?

We ended up at a building that was partially under construction. Last week there was a huge space that would have provided an excellent spot for shooting. When we went back this week the space had been locked up behind new dry wall. So instead we shot a bunch of pictures in one of the halls.

As there really wasn't a lot of space to work and people kept wandering past us to go to the washroom the job of picture taking was cut short and we abandoned the building to go to a local park. It was there that the swords came out and we shot a bunch of stills a la Conan the Barbarian, only with a baseball hat and jeans. Odd.

I did manage to get some good black and white head shots and in the end might have gotten a few good angles of the sword wielding singer.

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