Saturday, July 22, 2006

Roller Derby!

Susie Sizzlelips, roller derby ref.

Saturday. Burlington. The City arena. The bout between the Hamilton Harlots and the Steel Tank girls took place. It's Canadian roller derby at it's finest.

Having never shot a roller derby event before or knowing the rules I found it a bit odd keeping track of who was winning and what people were actually doing. The last roller derby thing I seem to recall was a movie called "The Big Brawl" a movie starring Jackie Chan. Other than that what exactly are the rules anyway?

Thank goodness for the internet. Here's a short blurb.

Jammers racing around the track

The Burlington bout was a lot of fun even though the lighting was pretty terrible from a photographers stand point. I had a bunch of remote flashes positioned off to the side of the rink but it meant that if there was a wipe out on the other side of the rink I didn't get it.

"Out of the way!"


Miss Carriage closes in on the Harlot Jammer

New photos added august 9th, 2006
(not in original post)

Al and Craig - fans of 33 1/3, Miss Carriage

It's not a sport until there's a streaker.

"Take that"

"On your marks..."

Fan of the Cheese Grater (#2 of the Steel Tank Girls)


Anonymous said...

Great pics...I think you captured some awesome moments...

Perky Set

Jenn said...

oh, I had no idea there was rollerderby-ing so close to home. Very cool, that would have been great to see.

Sakura Punk Attack! said...

Wow I actually don't look like a mongoloid in this photo. Bagel hot you are a photo genius. And thanks for the heads up on the Jackie Chan movie. I'll be looking for it. Miss Carriage

Anonymous said...

Fantastice photos!!!!! The intesity is so great to see on everyones faces! Thanks for being there!