Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bill's Party

Dance the night away

Bill's studio party is a good chance to meet new people and dance if so inclined. It was one of those nights where a bunch of people you thought might show didn't show up or at least didn't show up as early as you did. It's actually a good thing in that it forced me to meet new people. I suppose "forced" is not really the word I was looking for... "encouraged" is better. After a bit of mingling I realized I had actually met a number of these people at the last Bill party I attended, maybe a year ago.

It's easy to stay around the food area when you're at parties with people you don't know. "Hello potato chip bowl." I managed to veer away from the food consumption until I was offered a margarita. Holy crap! The alcohol content was high in that small drink that fit into a dixie cup. I started getting a buzz by the time I finished the thing.

I wobbled over to the food table when I stuffed myself with some snack that resembled "Bits and Bites". It was there that some blonde woman started rubbing up against me asking if I had seen some guy who's name I can't remember. Actually I think she was a bit tipsy as well. She wasn't rubbing against me but using me as a stationary object to give herself some stability. I suppose the slurred speech was a give away.

I managed to pass her on to a guy that was interested in her and retreat into a dark corner on the other side of the table was stratigically keeping myself next to the pretzel bowl. My pretzel barricade didn't last long as I bumped into a couple of art people I knew.

Or rather I had bumped into at various other events. I can't remember their names just the faces. They sort of have that look like they don't belong in any of the places I've seen them at. Kind of like librarians at a kids birthday party in a McDonald land playroom. Something about their lack of energy seemed to make them stand out. It wasn't like they were sleeping while standing. When they moved or interacted with me it seemed like they were consciously trying to use the least amount of energy to do so. What added to the oddness was that they would both move at the same time like their brains were attached via some invisible link. They would also stop moving at the same time. Odd, really odd.

During the whole night I thought about "the girl" and wondered if she would have a good time if she'd shown up.

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Wade Marshall said...

That picture looks like something out of Mel's Rock Pile.