Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where did my brain go?

The router installation CD

House keys put into the freezer, sunglasses left at a friends place, wristwatch left by the sink, we put things in places they normally wouldn't be left, then a few minutes or seconds later we're combing the house asking ourselves where we put the stuff. Have we lost our minds? Perhaps a temporary bout of senility.

I found myself in this situation today while installing my wireless router. I was missing the installation CD. I had it yesterday while talking to "the girl" and started to install the software onto my computer. The phone conversation lasted a while and I eventually abandoned the installation process to get over to Emmanuel's in time to watch "The Secret".

Today I decided to start the installation process again but couldn't find the CD. The CD taht I thought was still in the computer. My automatic instinct told me to check the fridge. This seems to be the default place I usually look for things and find things. No matter how crazy there's always a good chance I had placed something in the freezer while taking some other thing out. House keys for frozen waffles, sunglasses for an ice cube, a DVD to just peek into the freezer. It's like there's some kind of freezer toll elf that jedi mind tricks me into leaving an item in order to take something out.

I retraced my footsteps. Then it hit me. "No, that would just be too dumb.", I thought to myself. I raced outside to the garbage bag sitting out on the curb waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck. A truck which just happened to be puttering just a block away. Why is it you can never open a plastic bag knot when you're in a hurry without ripping the bag open? I took the entire bag into the back yard and pulled it apart. Sure enough, right on top, the installation CD.

I went inside to place the CD in the computer then revisited the torn open garbage bag by stuffing it into another new bag and taking the whole package to the curb where it made today's pickup. Why did I throw the CD into the garbage? And when did I do it? It wasn't like I was getting subliminal messages from the girl who didn't even know I was installing the software. "Throw out that install CD. You don't need it.". My brain is drawing a blank.

While trying to figure out what happened last night I decided to do a bit of relaxing and walk on down to the beach. It was cold and windy. On the water there was a lone surfer using a kite to pull himself over the waves.

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