Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Go Away

Marc "drags" me out to dim sum

What part of "I don't feel like socializing with anyone" do people not understand?

I received a number of phone calls today from friends seeing if I was alright. I used the "I am sick" speech to get out of Christmas activities. It wasn't a lie, I started feeling a sore throat coming on. It just so happened that I was depressed as well.

Eventually I succumbed to eating out and grabbing some dim sum with Marc. It's hard to feel like crap when there are friends around trying to make you feel better. Some offer advice, some will relate stories of pertinence, and some will just listen. Marc is the later and a very good listener at that.

Even though my dating life seems pathetic I am grateful to have friends that will listen to the misadventures of my life, even if it is to get a good laugh because it's not happening to them. You bastards. :->

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Zee said...

I understand your "I don't feel like socializing with anyone", that's why I haven't seen you for so long. :-)