Sunday, December 10, 2006

Temp Work at Monster

"Hey, You're not Roger!"

Wandered past Monster Records today (yes, that is Marc in the BG). Stuck my head in to say "Hi" to the owner. Only it wasn't the owner. It was Adeem (aka the Mango kid). The picture above was taken before tremendous amounts of partying with dancing girls and copious amounts of alcohol ingestion.

Actually, nothing happened after the photo was taken. I just left. Roger if you're reading this, did I at least have you going for a second? No, I guess not. To the other blog readers. Some days are just not very interesting or at the very least low on the excitement quotient, yes I know it's hard to believe with someone as thrill seeking as myself. But it's true not all days are action packed, unless of course you're the type that stays indoors lying under your bed. I suppose then, anything other than the attacking dust bunny seems action packed.

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