Saturday, December 23, 2006

Flirtygirl Fitness

The Flirty Girls: Dana, Katie, and Michelle

If my editor from Juicy Stuff could get a gold star, today would be a good day to get one. Getting out on an assignment where the object is to take pictures of girls pole dancing is pretty incredible. Seeing fit women doing acrobatics is always a challenging task. I say this with all sincerity. Not only do you have to get the action shot, freeze the moment where they look good, but you also have to make sure they look good. That is to say their body is placed in a good compositional space and their faces aren't contorted while performing the stunt.

Dana wows the crowd with her clinging to the pole with only one leg.

I find it interesting that when you talk to most women about pole dancing you usually get a negative response with the word "slut" or some other negative reaction. Clearly it's because pole dancing is usually associated with men's clubs, stripping, and women with fake boobs. When's the last time anyone thought of Gene Kelly swinging around a lamp post or Danny Kaye in White Christmas?

If you put a pole 15 meters into the air and had it as part of a circus act, maybe throw in a sword or two, would pole dancing have the same reaction? Well maybe if the women, if they were women, were flinging off their clothes while performing.

I not trying to skirt around the fact that there's something sexy about a women dancing and doing acrobatics with a pole I'm just saying that it doesn't have to be dirty (unless you want it to be).

Here's a nice "Smile for the camera" shot

Katie with her arms of steel...

...makes this form of acrobatics look easy.

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