Monday, December 11, 2006

Darryl is sick

Brian Smith supervises Darryl working on a Flash Christmas card

After watching a movie called "The Secret" or would it be considered a documentary, something in between a self help, belief system, way at looking at the universe video? Anyhoo, after watching the video at Emmanuel's place I walked by Darryl's office. Emmanuel's apartment and Darryl's office are on the same floor of the same building.

I figured I'd knock. It was pretty late and since it's an office it wasn't like I'd wake anyone up. That was my first thought. I suppose it's been known that Darryl has fallen asleep in front of the keyboard from time to time. So okay maybe I would wake someone up. I knocked anyway.

Footsteps walked toward the door and the door opened. It was Darryl. As it turned out he was awake and working on a flash animated Christmas card for Brian "You and Media" Smith. I spent some time talking to Darryl after Brian had left. Darryl looked like he was on the verge of death and sounded worse. Thinking I might catch whatever illness he was infected with I decided to go home.

For those that haven't seen the earlier Christmas flash animation you can check it out here.

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