Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rocky 6 is BagelHot

Testing the lights for tomorrow's new year's eve party

For those that are thinking "How could they make another Rocky movie after the last bomb?", I have to tell you that I thought the Rocky 6 movie was great. Perhaps it's just a story of a guy being dealt an average to crappy hand and dealing with it. It could be that it touched an emotional nerve.

I started off by going into the theatre with obvious reservations. What is Stallone doing? Hasn't the franchise taken enough beatings? The lights lowered. You hear "Rocky! Rocky!" being chanted over the familiar theme music. Reminiscing value at it's best. Still, I was dubious the story would be any good.

Although the story is a simple one, by the end of the movie you can't help but cheer for Rocky. "Kick that punk's ass!", "Move, damn you move!", I found myself ducking and weaving with the movie, like that would help Rocky get out of his predicament. When's the last time a movie got you that emotionally attached to a character? That's some great movie magic. To Mr. Stallone, "Thanks for making that picture".

Skating at Nathan Phillips Square

After the movie I made my way downtown to join others for a light show which in the end never happened. I suppose there was a miscommunication in ads and as a result many people that travelled down to Nathan Phillips Square hauling their kids were disappointed.

Michiho happy skating alone

We watched Michiho, the only one to bring skates, skate around the rink a few times before calling it quits and going to the local Tim Hortons for hot drinks. Kyoko who showed up with Chris was plastered from beer tasting, or was it wine tasting?, and had trouble standing up by herself.

While we wobbled over to the coffee shop across the street, she told me the story of how she met my parents downtown about six times. Drunk people are funny.

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Zee said...

Wow. Michio has really long hair now. It's been years since I've seen her I think.