Monday, August 13, 2007

Bee Near Me

A bee lands on my back yard spearmint

My day started off by me visiting the metro library downtown to do some work. That quickly ended and was followed by a short visit to Monster Records to see next month's merchandise photo then a return trip back home to go to sleep. Why such a short outing? The day had been cut short thanks to some illness I picked up on saturday. Drowsiness and itchy throat.

By the time I got home I was awake again. For some reason had the urge to shoot bees in the backyard with my macro lens (or micro lens as it's Nikon). And so for about an hour or more I stalked the little bees landing and flying off from my spearmint patch.

The erratic wind made it a bit difficult to focus on the insects and in the end I never really got a great photo. (I like the composition of the photo in this blog entry better - click here)

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phaedrav said...

Don't worry, bee happy.