Friday, August 24, 2007

Things to do when running on empty

The corner of Gerrard and Coxwell at 6:00am.

I woke up pretty early this morning at around 4:00 am. Three hours earlier I had gotten home from doing a twelve hour shift plus one hour for lunch, a total of thirteen hours. I was on set with no sleep from the the night before (see previous post). I was pretty tired.

I woke up tired to a binging of my computer. I had an email from the girl. It didn't help. I was still pretty clueless as to what was going on. My voice was completely non-existent. The sounds coming out, if I could make any, sounded like a crow "caa"ing. By around 6am I managed to cough out some crap stuck in my throat and managed to speak.

It wasn't great speech but it was enough to order a breakfast special from across the street at the local new family restaurant. Still trying to work out the girl problems in my head, I inhaled breakfast while reading the morning newspaper.

What was left over from breakfast when I decided to pull out the camera.

I had two things on my list of to dos today. 1) was to burn a photo CD of the Indigo job and deliver it, and 2) was to drop off a bag of socks with holes to Robin.

The Concrete Beach

After burning the photos onto a DVD, I made my way over to drop them off near the harbourfront. It was a bad day to wear black long pants. It was so hot. After checking off the delivery from my list I wondered around the water front for a bit then decided I would rather be back home in air conditioning sleeping.

I slept for a solid four and a half hours then woke up to pick up the rental car for the weekend. I needed it to drop off more photo DVDs up in north Toronto and drive out to Hamilton tomorrow. From the car rental place I dropped off the bag of socks to Robin, picked her up, drove over to Ted's, picked him up, then drove over to meet up with Colin for dinner.

The three of us ended up eating at Spring Rolls, a Thai restaurant located near Colin's place. Not wanting to stew alone at home I offered Ted and Robin to go out for a drive. We ended up in Mississauga for ice cream, then from there went to a roller rink.

Dairy Cream

The roller rink had a bunch of youths milling around the entrance. We I walked up to the door to enter a large bouncer stopped me from opening the door by waving his hand and shaking his head. As he was pretty large and mean looking I backed slowly away and got into the car and drove off.

We ended up on the mark-goodman trail in the west end of the city stopping at a playground and walking the trail for a bit.

A large glowing star fish

Robin and The Sea

West end boardwalk

See saw at night

Ted on the see saw rodeo

Me on the swing

Robin swings...

...then demonstrates her upside down technique


Anonymous said...

Nice pic's.
Sorry to hear about your girls troubles. I'm sure you'll sort it all out in the end. It's aways tough trying to communicate with a voice or face to face contact. Stuff often gets misinterpreted or all the subtleties get evaporate.

Anonymous said...

Hey guy- give a shout when your voice is better for the coffee club.


theotherbear said...

I don't get why the bouncer wouldn't let you into the roller rink.

BagelHot said...

Turns out there was some private party going on in the roller rink. The bouncer mentally gave me the message "Don't even try to come into this place."