Thursday, August 16, 2007


One of the biohazard signs from set

Today while working on set I couldn't talk. Not because they were filming and needed quiet on set, today they were not filming at all. I was on set today wiring up monitors so they'd be ready for the day they start shooting. I'm not sure when that is but it's probably soon.

My sporadic coughing that I started having saturday had gotten worse to the point that today whenever I tried to talk I'd experience pain. Sounds like something out of a Star Trek episode minus the me bending over holding my gut from the pain givers. Technically I lost my voice last night during the outing with Linda. Forcing myself to call people after the date was probably what pushed my vocal cords over the edge.

Where did I pick up the coughing in the first place? I don't know but it would be cool if there was a sticker on people that were sick that said "Biohazard". I'd put one on my forehead right now if I thought I was contagious.

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