Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Veggie Lunch

Bo De Duyen, the veggie restaurant on the second floor.

For lunch today I met up with Ted at a vegetarian restaurant on the west side of Spadina just south of Dundas. It's a place I had been introduced to by Darryl a few months ago, weeks ago, not too long ago. I have been hooked on the "Beef Brisket on Rice" dish ever since. Being a veggie restaurant the "Beef" is actually some kind of fake meat made up of tofu or some other textured vegetable protein.

When introducing vegetarian dishes to non-vegetarians I usually try to say something like this, "It's not a meat replacement, it's just different food that tastes good.". Of course there are vegetarian dishes that taste gawd awful but I don't usually recommend those unless there's some proven medicinal value.

Ted hides his badly lit eyes behind cool looking shades

Ted notices the backwards character in Chinese.

The tourist photo.

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