Saturday, August 11, 2007

Things to do on a saturday

"Pinch the cheek and die!"

After running into Rob and Jim last night at the AWOL gallery I got to wondering how other friends in the visual effects industry were doing. So today I met up with Ian for lunch at the neighbourhood Lick's. After a few hours of walking around the beaches and catching up we ended back at his place where his wife showed up with the kids.

They have two four month old twins. I laughed as one of them (Aaron) looked pissed off while the other (Joshua) looked very calm and relaxed. Kind of like mini versions of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. For me kids are like little alien beings sent to earth to learn as much as they possibly can through osmosis. Starting with blank slates they fill up their little brains by watching and observing.

Given this I was tempted to try to teach them words out of the Klingon dictionary. The result being that they might drive the parents nuts. Unfortunately they are only four months old. I'll have to hit them up when they're a bit older. Hee hee hee.

As a single person the one thing you can do to make the parents absolutely crazy is to be the 'nice' uncle and buy the child some kind of thing that makes noise and doesn't require a batteries. A mini drum kit, recorder, kazoo, slide whistle or a xylophone come to mind. You can say that music is good for kids. It might even catch the parent off guard and they might actually agree.

It is important to visit the kids every now and then in case they've 'misplaced' their instruments or have lost interest. It's your job to make sure they regain interest in the noisy thing or are given a new noise making devices. Oh yeah, parents loooove me.

Now saying this I realize that what goes around comes around. I currently don't have any kids but that could change. I'll have to watch my step.

Some coconut bean drink at Mi Mi's

Later on that evening I met up with Kyoko to go eat at the nearby Vietnamese restaurant. It's about a twenty minute walk west from where I live. If you haven't eaten food at a Vietnamese restaurant and find yourself in one, just jump to the back of the menu or wherever the drink selection is and find a interesting drink to try. Drinks can range from coffee that take the length of your meal to prepare, beans and coconut, and the non-recommended durian milkshake.

Darryl once told me he thought the Durian fruit smelled like excrement. I think I actually tried the milkshake once, being the food daredevil I am, it wasn't that great and obviously required an acquired taste to fully appreciate it.

My Dinner... It's got my name on it.

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