Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Cat Chronicles

"I'm not falling for that old bowl trick."

In an effort to get Genki outside today I placed the bowl of food just outside the door. It was a battle of wills. In the end I caved in and placed the bowl back inside. The cat seemed paranoid of any noise coming from the back yard even after I brought the bowl back in.

Genki still looks spaced out from the bowl being outside

Kyoko's backyard plant life

Genki observes from a safe distance

"eh? What?"

"You still here? Move along. I am bored of you."

"It's not spring until the cars change sides of the street"

See previous photo

Genki is still on alert

Genki is curious as to what is going on outside

"Hey, up there. Let me in."

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks from my mom and dad for the numerous pictures of Genki. I think they miss him more than they want to admit.