Friday, April 18, 2008

Proctoring and Fast Food Logic

One of Kyoko's plants taken with extension tubes

Just to change things up a bit I went to the backyard as soon as I got up and took some photos of the plant life. Yes, plant life. As opposed to the furry creatures known as the cats. You might think the blog was being over run by them.

Just in case you weren't caught up on the blog the owners of Pumpkin and Genki (the two cats under my domain and care) are gone away to Japan. So in their owners absence, I've been blogging the cats so the owners can see that the cats are doing well. Okay I'll post a cat photo for consistency...

Genki almost outside

Today I made my way out to York University. It's located on the North West tip of Toronto. I was to help a professor friend proctor an exam (and no Laine, that has nothing to do with proctology - unless you're over seeing an exam of certain med students, then maybe). To proctor an exam is basically to oversee an exam, hand out blank booklets, answer questions, and escort students to the bathroom (so they don't "find" hidden notes or talk to people).

The job of proctoring does not entail much other than observation of the students, however it does get pretty boring sometimes as you're there for the length of the exam not doing too much. In this case it was three hours.

The route map to York U

Professor Woolrich I presume?

Fast Food Logic

After the exam was done and we doubled checked the exams handed in matched the students taking the exam we ended up going to Wendy's. We parked the car and went in to find out that the restaurant (the Wendy's part) was closed. The Tim Horton's side was open. We found a loop hole in that the drive through to Wendy's was still open.

So we hopping back in the car ordered food from the drive through. Parked the car where we were parked before the drive through then walked back into the dinning area which was still open. My question is...

Why doesn't the restaurant just stay open for that extra hour while the drive through is open?

Thinking things through a bit we figured it had something to do with employing people. If you close the dining room earlier you can have someone clean it but you can still sell food at the drive thru. Since the inding room was open for Tim's this idea kind of went through the window.

Does anyone out there know?

Wendy's is closed

Pick up window open until 11pm

Dining room open until 10pm

Back at home the cats greeted me with the usual "Meow", translating to something like "Where's are food burger breath?".

Genki and Pumpkin eat dinner


Zap Brannigan said...

Woo hoo! I made the blog. I'm blogworthy. Couldn't help but notice though that I'm tagged under animals and food :-)

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Well, I think my hubby looks cute in the photo.

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Bagelhot blogworthy!