Saturday, October 30, 2010

Andrew Majtenyi collection SS2011

Oh yeah, it's halloween.

In the morning James, Katie and I went to some school where they had pies. I'm sure there was some other thing going on but really who can tell when there are pies at $2 a slice? After filling up on eight dollars worth I was ready to start my fashion filled day.

James and Katie surrounded by kids.

Pies!! Loads of pies!!

Yummy chocolate pies.

Some embassy pies

In case I forget where it is or what it looks like.

So I'm going to write a big thank you to James and Katie (or Katie and James) for allowing me to crash in their wonderfully geeky home, provide tickets and directions for the Ottawa bus, the transport from the venue and inviting me to go to the school of pies with them. You guys are awesome... and yes Ottawa does own a piece of Bagelhot officially.

Ottawa Transit bus tickets.

Bus receipt

Bus (N45 24.195 W75 44.038)

Bus stop

Canal (N45 25.466 W75 41.674)

Biking in the rain

The underpass to the Westin Hotel

In the lobby

Along came a spider...

National Gallery

The Andrew Majtenyi collection

Patrick does some last minute alterations

I spent the day behind the scenes photographing models getting ready for Andrew's collection. Hair, make up, getting in and out of clothes, the whole craziness that most people don't see and aren't aware of. What model is getting ready for what catwalk, who is wearing what, does the hair style and make up match, are the clothes ironed, coordinating the team of volunteers required, it's all quite amazing.

I have to say that I was quite impressed with the hair make up teams. They didn't have any real lighting at the National Gallery set up so the hair make up people had to do all their work using work lamps. Work lamps are n0t that great when using on constructions sites but at least you might be able to see where you're hammering in a nail. For make up? A work lamp is terrible. eeesh.

The volunteers for Andrew's collection

To see the entire collection of Andrew Majtenyi for this season (and to purchase prints) go to the Bagelhot Photo Store.

The rest of the day

After the showing of Andrew's collection I figured I'd just take photos from outside the photo pit of the other designer's collections. It's been a while since I've had the chance to do this. Generally I've had to go into "shrimp" mode in the photo pit and stay there in order to take photos of the different collections. You can't just hop in and out of the photo pit willy nilly. You're either in or out. Depending on where you are it's not always possible to get into the pit and generally it's bad photo etiquette to jump in and out during a show as you're moving other photographers around.

Raymond, the other photo thug from Toronto (the other being me).

At one point yesterday some guy jumped into the front of the photo pit photographers to photograph the catwalk. He rudely blocked at least five other cameras that had been in position since the start of the collection. Raymond and I started yelling "Hey, hey HEY!" at him until he moved. I refrained from calling him a douche bag or taking a swipe at him with my monopod. I think some of the hate from Toronto fashion week was coming out. The other photographers from Ottawa were too polite to really get upset. It's from this that Raymond and I designated ourselves as the photo thugs from Toronto.

The photo pit

Lisa Marie Noseworthy

You may know her as the photographer of popular children's books such as "Pigs to Pork"

I want to thank Lisa Marie Noseworthy for her halloween party,the half pizza, and all the cookies to eat (yes even the cracked but fixed with icing ones). Food is such a great thing after a long day of photography.

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