Friday, October 15, 2010

Wind Shield

After my internet provider expired I decided to get a new subscription with WIND. They have a portable internet stick, a USB key, that plugs into your laptop and gives you internet. No need for a ethernet port or a phone jack connection. One of the zones is Hamilton. An added plus for a person who travels to Hamilton on a semi-regular basis.

After using the stick for about a week I've come to realize that A) the reception isn't that great in my apartment; works great outside; even just outside my window in the back yard, B) the stick gives me a head ache.

Not a headache in terms of installing. It's quite easy as the installation software is built right into the stick. A head in terms of "the cell phone is frying your brain" headache. I used to get the same headache from using the old motorola flip phones back in the day. The nice thing is that the stick isn't right next to your head but the bad thing is that even though it's about 75cm away on the laptop it still affects me.

Solution #1 - tin can

While I'm not sure if soup cans are made of tin any more I tried this method. Taped the can to my window and placed the stick inside it. I don't know if it helped my brain or not over the long term as I abandoned the idea once I found my reception dropped two or three bars (out of five).

Solution #2 - Proximity

I bought a 3 meter USB extension cord and placed the key outside my window, weather proofing it with a ziplock bag. So far this seems to be the best solution. The reception is pretty good and so far I don't think I feel any adverse effects. I'm shielded in part by a brick wall.

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Anonymous said...

Tin cans are made from aluminum now, like tin foil is.