Saturday, October 23, 2010

Toronto Zombie Walk

Zombie Paula and the zombie dog, Molly.

It rained today. Buckets of rain. I left the house around 8:30am to go to Hamilton. It was there I joined Kellie, her mom, and Nicola, to a recreation centre fund raiser in the form of a tarot card reading. As a sceptic, I had my cards read and with the exception of the first statement saying I did something seven months ago that I and people around me regretted, everything else seemed pretty eerie and accurate.

The card reader would answer the question in my head not knowing what is was. The person getting the card reading doesn't tell the reader what the question is. They just focus on the question in their mind. So you could be thinking "Where is my cat? Will I see it again?", "What are my finances going to be?", "How is my love life shaping up?", "Is my Apple stock going to plunge?", stuff like that.

You're also told to give a range as to when you want to know when this stuff happens. Within a month, within the year, within the next five years.

At the time I couldn't remember doing something pivotal seven months ago let alone the week before. I'll have to check this blog, maybe I'll have clues. I certainly don't remember doing something I was going to regret or even having a tough decision. Maybe a year ago but not seven months ago.

After the morning reading and getting a lunch I drove back into Toronto to meet up with Paula for the Toronto Zombie walk. With all the rain and traffic jams around me it took over 2 hours to get to the Christie pits park. I managed to get to the parade of zombies just as it was finishing.

There were zombies on bikes, on foot, and all drenched. The walk was at least two hours in duration. Surprisingly the makeup and blood still clung to most of the participants. Paula had a huge egg shaped glob of blood just above her forehead on her wig. I though someone threw a capsule at her. But no, it was self inflected.

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