Friday, October 15, 2010

Bacon Lettuce Tomato

Woke up this morning and realized I had the ingredients for making one of my favourite sandwiches, The B.L.T. Where B is for bacon not bread (I saw this in a movie or TV show somewhere; the B for bread).

It's a rare time when I have tomatoes sitting around... anyhoo... Here is how to make my sandwich "properly".

  • bread slices x 2
  • bacon lots of it (at least four times the surface area of the bread, bacon shrinks when cooked)
  • lettuce (fresh and crispy, the iceberg kind - yes probably zero nutritional value but yay in the crunch department)
  • mayonnaise (personally I like Miracle Whip but that's me)

  1. place bacon in pan, cook on stove (medium heat until crispy, must be crispy but not black)
  2. once cooked place bacon on paper towel on a plate to dry and lose some of the fatty oil.
  3. toast bread slices (in toaster or non bacon greasy pan)
  4. place a toasted bread slice on plate
  5. place lettuce on bread slice
  6. slice tomato so you have enough slices to cover lettuce and slice of bread.
  7. add mayonnaise
  8. add bacon
  9. place other toasted slice on top... viola!
Note: it is important to place lettuce on the bread first before the tomato slices as it'll keep the bread from absorbing the moisture of the tomato. The mayonnaise will hold the bacon in place before adding the other slice of bread.

Do not let sit. Serve and eat. It's important to have the bread be dry and crunchy.

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