Saturday, October 09, 2010

Thanksgiving Photo Walk

Meeting at Union Station

I was invited to join Larry on a photo walk. Yes Larry, the one that gives the illusion of staying at home, not doing anything outside, Larry. As it's such a rare treat to go anywhere with Larry that might be more than five blocks away from his home I had to go.

Plus it made for an interesting day without spending too much cash. (Yes, I'm watching that spending with the big move coming up and all).

pre-hair cut Chris

We were to meet Brian and Chris at Union station at 1:45pm. This gave us time to eat at the Harvey's before running into Brian who was told to meet us there at 1:00pm. Chris wouldn't show until just after 2pm (according to the time on my Nikon camera). After meeting up with him he ran off to get his hair cut. This left Brian, Larry and I to wonder over to the St. Lawrence Market.


Thanksgiving readiness at the St. Lawrence Market

We wondered around looking for things to photograph. Personally I was pretty uninspired. Not that there was nothing interesting to photograph just that my brain couldn't find anything interesting to photograph. In hindsight I should have ran the Photo Walk app on my iPhone for some inspiration.

Custard tart = yummy

Side of the Toronto Sun Building

After getting a snack we slowly made our way to the Distillery district. It was there that we met back up with Chris who sported a new doo. IT was a bit surreal. There were still installations from the Nuit Blanche art crawl up... or were they? It was hard to tell what's permanent and what's just for the crawl, especially if you don't frequent the area much.

Wasn't really sure what to make of this thing that Brian and Larry are sitting next to.

War of the Worlds!

Wire brains

We had stumbled into a wedding photo area. At one point we were surrounded by wedding parties, I counted 4 at the time, with their photographers swarming around them to get good photos. We took some shots as well. We were on a photo walk after all.

Colorful plastic

Guitarist playing


Artsy window photo

Left overs from Nuit Blanche (all night art crawl)

new vs old

a tree light

Chris post hair cut

Wedding (1 of 6)

The bride's maids


Model modeling

Brian sits in front of the Gelato place

Emma Ates of Mindful Arts

skinny building

autumn colors

From the distillery district we made our way to Henry's. I'm not sure who's idea that was originally but going to a gadget store when I'm trying to save money isn't always a great idea. The Fuji W3 is out by the way.

It was at the store where we bumped into Chris, Kyoko and Carl.

Kyoko and Carl at Henry's (camera store)

I'm really not sure what's going on here.

Carl dusts my lens off with a found feather

Kyoko and Carl pose for the camera.

A few minutes catching up and then off we went into the sunset... or with the sunset. We were taking photos of the sun reflecting into the buildings along Queen street.

Golden sunlight

reflective sunlight (artsy)

Girl with the pirate eye patch

Silver Elvis

Then like most photo walks I've been on we ended up at a pub to get food.

The Pub

Street signs

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