Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mixed Bag

Today's collections and the presentation of collections ranged from the dismally bad; who is in charge of this lighting, to the super awesome sexy and a bit of every thing else in between.

Baby Steinberg

Love it or hate it I have to give an A for creativity. The clothing featured elements from the world of recycling and I had to wonder if going to parties and having the right outfit was something that the designer had in mind.

While falling on a set of keys is generally uncomfortable this top made of keys would be the perfect outfit to wear at a party if you were the person in charge of keeping keys away from drunken would be drivers. In a state of being sloshed they could spend hours trying to find their car key on your body and depending on the circumstances could be fun. Should the guy be less of a catch and more of a slime ball you could then use the keys for attack purposes.

Why wait until you're drunk to put on the lamp shade on when you can do it before the party. Just make sure you're not standing next to the drunk looking for keys on the floor. They might try to reach up and turn on the light.

Not only pretty but this could be used as camouflage if you're trying to hide in some flower gardens. Nothing says spring more than bright green flowers.

The designer walks the catwalk with the model

Klaxon Howl

The designer heads the group of models

As with any fashion designed for men my editor Max loves this stuff and because I get paid for each photo he uses I love this stuff.


Someone used a flash?

As a general rule at fashion week photographers are not supposed to use flashes, in Toronto anyway. The main reason as it screws up photos for the other photographers. It's even worse when the photographer using the flash doesn't use light that has the same color temperature as the rest of the environment. (see the above photo - "thanks jerk").

For this particular catwalk showing I'm not as angry at the photographer with the daylight flash as I am with the poor choice of lighting. I think it was half the normal output. The person to suggest "Hey, let's be different! Let's use only half the intensity of lighting!" you too are a jerk. Thanks for making the photographer's job of photographing the clothing that much harder.

Not only does lack of light make it harder to see (and focus) we also have to use higher ISO settings which make our photos grainier. Sure we could shoot at a lower ISO range but then our photos are blurry. Again to the lighting person "You suck!"

Lauren Bagliore

Basch by Brandon R Dwyer

Romona Keveza

By far this was the most impressive collection of the day. The lighting was ideal, the models were gorgeous, the runway glossy white, and the clothing elegant.

As this was the last collection showing today it left me on a high note.

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Veronica Malinski said...

Love her designs and your creative compositions.