Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bloch buster

The LG fashion week sign on the Heritage building at the CNE

Fashionably early people

One of the lounge areas before most people showed up.

The media lounge, good and bad.

Chole comme parris

Kicking off today's catwalks was the Chole comme parris collection. I couldn't help but notice the eye socket darkness again today.

Marthe Aime

Here's a good use of creative lighting

While I'm not a fan of 'creative' lighting during a catwalk presentation of clothing I do like 'creative' lighting before a catwalk. For the Marthe Aime collection a dancer was featured before the clothing was presented. Obviously this was for the audience over the photographers as the dancer never danced her way down the runway for us to photograph her up close.

Phillip Bloch

"I don't wear brown." from one of the tales of Halley Berry.

The stylist was someone I had to photograph for FAB. I really didn't want to photograph anything in the studio environment as the lighting is touch and go. In the end I'm glad I did. Phillip Bloch, the stylist in question, was present to promote his book "Shopping on a Diet".

He was quite expressive and shared some great stories while imparting fashion tips to the audience. This made for some great photos (even if I had to color correct them later).

Attitude by Sears

Rachel Mara

While I liked the silhouette I found that the lights took too long to go full up.

One of the lighting techniques used on a runway is to light up the first model by bringing up the lights as she walks down the catwalk. I like the idea but the execution during the Rachel Mara show seemed a bit lagging. That is to say, there were not enough lights ahead of the model to brighten her up compared to the other models.

As a fashion photographer shooting a catwalk we want to see the model walking towards us, not just standing at the end of the runway posing, it gives us (and the editor) an idea of how the clothing flows.

ugh, more dark sockets

Joe Fresh

Here's a great example of how a model, with just a slight tilt of the head, can reduce shadows on the eyes. There was also a fully white catwalk floor. But I personally found this didn't help that much. At least not for the Joe Fresh show.

tilting the head up, it's a good thing

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