Friday, November 05, 2010

Captain Hill versus The Pod

Captain Hill in the sleep pod.

Having just gotten back my D700 back from Nikon today I figured I'd do a run through on the camera focusing issue. It's always good to test your gear before going into the field. With the wedding photography tomorrow I didn't want to take any chances the focusing would be flaky. I'd need help. This is where an active hamster would come in handy. Nothing tests a focus mechanism quite like a small active rodent. The reflexes of Captain Hill are so sharp that she'll move upon hearing the click of the camera.

So it would be difficult to get her to 'pose'. I took her from probably a nice nap. She was in the sleep pod and I basically detached the whole pod to get her to start roaming around. I figured it would be better to have her crawl out of the pod bowl that to actual pick her up.

The bowl has been disengaged.

Why is my bed on an angle?

Captain Hill driving the bowl.

Really? This is for a camera test?

Stop, no more photos. I want to go back to sleep.

The test went well. The camera seemed fine. Nikon had fixed the focusing issue. Hurray!

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