Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We stand on guard for thee...

Support out Troops!

Who would have thought that you could have a fancy dinner gala with troop carriers and jets? The True Patriot Love Foundation did and it was awesome! Tonight's photo assignment was to assist photographer David Artemiw to photograph the enormous gala event. High ranking officers, dignitaries, a past prime minister and on top of all that I was wearing a suit (and tie! - I know crazy!).

There were helmets with artwork on them being sold, lounge areas sponsored by Bell, a troop transport carrier that you could board, a body of a CF-18 where you could sit in the cockpit, there was even a photo booth where you could dress up in fatigues and get your photos taken. All that would take place before dinner.


One of the things I love about being a photographer is the different things that are introduced to you, the photographer. A hamster one day, a General the next. You could be swamped with bodies in a mosh pit, or freezing your butt in -40 C degree weather taking photos of nature.

Today was a good photo day.

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