Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oily, salty, grease... with chicken

Poutine and the Double down

While buying a tie at the Dufferin Mall I noticed a Kentucky Fried Chicken and was wondering what all the hubbub was with regards to the new bread-less sandwich, the Kentucky Fried Chicken Double Down. Like a hamster that keeps "falling" off the side of the table to get to see what's on the ground far (usually hard surface) below, ordering this new meat/processed cheese concoction with bacon was right up there on my list of things to do.

It's good to be adventurous. Sometimes there's disastrous results. Well okay, a lot of times there are disastrous results, Like when I made pizza with a can of bad mushrooms; the can was dented and I guess the mushrooms soaked up the rust. My roommate at the time, Laura, who owned and donated the mushrooms ate some of the pizza which resulted in her having to get her stomach pumped. I ate the pizza as well and keeled over for about half an hour before going out to grab something better to eat (this was back in my younger days when I could eat Christmas turkey in February).

Then there are the wonders of success like deep fried mars bars, poutine (with smoked meat), seafood poutine, pirogies and mayonnaise, cheese on a apple pie, the list goes on. It was time for the Double down to have it's turn. As it happened, the other thing that turned was my stomach.

Gads, the amount of salt in the sandwich had to be exceeding the human body's limits. It's a heart surgeon's dream come true. As for the grease, I'd have to say that it's the same amount as any other chicken wing, leg, breast that you're used to while eating at KFC. It didn't bother me that much. I realize, as I'm typing this blog entry, I'm still burping up the grease from the double down that I ate an hour ago.

I love food but if you go through discomfort while eating it then maybe that's not the right food for you. Overall I'd give the double down a two thumbs down. As the food sits in my stomach like a brick I'm consistently reminded of what a poor choice that was. Just like the hamster bouncing off the floor on it's head, dumb move, really dumb.

On the plus side of the KFC visit, I also tried the KFC poutine. It seems all the fast food places are trying to jump on the poutine band wagon. The poutine actually wasn't bad. There were cheese curds and the KFC gravy. I don't know what spices they throw into the gravy vat but it's one of those things that I can drink right out of the little styrofoam tub. But like the McDonalds shake, KFC gravy has an optimum time for ingestion. It's got to be eaten or drunk while warm. Once it gets cold it changes consistency. It's like fat that cools. Not only does it go down weird but it looks bad for you.

To summarize using BRS (yes, this rating system works for things other than movies)
  • Double down (zero bagel)
  • KFC poutine (full on bagel)

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