Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hammer City Fashion and Rock and Roll

Morgan in evening wear

Blackbird studios had a showing tonight of their fall winter 2010 line. Among the models featured were some of the Hammer City Roller Girls. As usual it's always good to see them and photographing a fashion show is always kind of fun.

The venue was dark. Luckily I brought some external flashes. Unfortunately I didn't bring enough remotes. So I only had one slaved flash. There was a point that I attempted to use a second flash but it was tripped by other photographer's flashes. I didn't have enough time to set it up properly.

Ginger St. James sings to the audience

With the one flash I probably got the best photos at the venue as none of the other photographers brought extra lights. Yay me!

Brandi-Lee shows off one of the Blackbird Studios T-shirt prints

Buckshot Bebe and Kiki, Blackbird studios designers

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