Sunday, November 07, 2010

King's Crown

Melanie, Rebecca and I pig out at Sneeky Dees.

I had gone through all the wedding photos and needed to give the photos to Melanie. As it turns out she was in town visiting her sister so we all met up at Sneeky Dees for mexican food.

If you've never gone to Sneeky Dees one thing that stands out on the menu is the King's Crown. It's an $18 plate of nacho chips with layered, bean, meat, salsa, and stuff that will fill you up pretty well. I had a beef burrito as well and in the end, even with my legendary eating, couldn't finish the crown. I took it home as leftovers.

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Laer said...

While wandering around the area a few days ago, I ALMOST went into Sneaky Dees. I've been there before, though, when a bunch of us were bar hopping, and then to see off a friend who was staying with me for a while. That food looks really tempting. I may go in again next time I pass by.