Saturday, November 13, 2010

ToRD 2010 Championships

Dust Bunny of the Gore Gore Girls zooms around the track as lead jammer.

After photographing the dance school I packed up my gear and made my way over to the Hangar to set up my lights. While the owners have replaced a few of the bad bulbs that weren't turning on the light is still way to dim for action photography.

The car rental allowed me to bring in the studio lights. They would be heavy and awkward on the public transit system.

Some of the girls from Hammer City

While the strobes provide adequate lighting they unfortunately are also very fixed in position. This limits where I can go shoot. Ideally I like to have eight around the track but I only have two.

The Derby Nerd has a second floor seat thanks to Rogers and their camera scaffold.

Lunchbox of the Gore Gore Girls skates around MegaBouche of Chicks Ahoy

A gore gore cheerleader/fan.

Wipe out!

FINAL SCORE: Gore-gore girls 107, Chicks Ahoy 31

The after party at the Garrison

White Cowbell Oklahoma performs

A derby after party wouldn't be a derby party without girls wrestling on stage.

Having a laugh outside

The big finale

For more photos of the bout and the after party go here (

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