Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dancing in the street

Dancers lead a small parade along Gerrard street

After sleeping until 3pm, I didn't get to bed until 9am I was working on an article for Juicy Stuff, I finally managed to get out of the apartment around 7:15 to go meet up with Simon at the Pickle Barrel downtown. On my way to the streetcar stop I noticed a bunch of guys dressed up and beating drums. They seemed to be collecting in the shadows next to the local donut shop. Weird.

Not giving it much thought I, like a zombie on automatic, make my way to the corner. 10 minutes pass. No streetcar. Look up the street. Still no streetcar. Drums getting louder. There's a bunch of people walking towards me from the donut shop dancing. There's a horse and buggy following them. What the...?

There's a horse and buggy?

Since the traffic is now stopped thanks to this mini parade I decide to get in front by quickly walking down the street. Taking a few pictures I notice another photographer with a powerful flash (see top picture that's him). Hmmm.. what's going on? Later on, on the streetcar, I find out it was some thing to do with the NDP party. Supposedly Jack Layton was on the buggy.

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