Monday, March 20, 2006

Night of a hundred cakes

A ton of cupcakes ready to be eaten.

Tonight's gig was to shoot a book launch that featured a few writers and a whole mess of desserts. Someone said there were a hundred cakes. I counted twenty-one on the main table, with more in the kitchen and a random group of cake slices at each table. This didn't include the cookies, muffins, and other food readily available.

Some of the cakes offered.

As I was working I really didn't stop to eat any cake until near the end. The cake I had was moist, and fruity. Some kind of sponge fruit cake with four layers of cream. Definately not something you'd find in a box of cake mix.

Writer Sydnee Steele autographs her book "Seducing Your Woman"


Cupcake said...

That's my kind of book launch — lots of desserts!! Love that cupcakes galore shot.

Anonymous said...

There's something about cupcakes! A friends birthday was celebrated with chocolate-peanutbutter cupcakes, made by his girl, spelling a happy birthday salutation (we played cupcake scrabble after a few were eaten) and a little boy at the school where I teach insisted I call him "Cupcake" so I did.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're the photographer from the book launch! I've been eager to see your photos, but I'm still waiting for Sanjay to send them to me. I'm the guy co-wrote the Sydnee Steele book. Yeah, with the suit and pocket square. I ended up here after searching for publicity about the book.