Thursday, March 02, 2006

Party Night

Some 30s outfits.

In my quest for doing and seeing different things I lucked out and got invited to a 30s wine and cheese party located in a lawyers office on Prince Arthur avenue. A number of vintage dresses adorned the walls of the office and a few models.

Leigh-Ann poses wearing a vintage 30s dress

There was also a cabinet containing objects made with Bakelite. These art deco products were in pristine condition. Most were little salt and pepper shakers, butter knifes and tiny containers. Bakelite for those of you that may not know was an early form of plastic. Very brittle. My 1951 Realist stereo camera has a lens cover made from Bakelite.

As the night progressed I made my way over to the gladstone for this months speakeasy. For more details check out the sister blog that I don't update very often.

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