Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fashion Week - Day 2

The Izzy Camilleri collection

After the first day of staking out ones photo territory day two would seem a lot easier. When I say stake out it's just that. In front of the runway there's a large stair like platfrom with enough room on each "stair" to hold a few photographers and videographers, maybe 6 to 8 across. Since there were 4 stairs that gives you room for about 24 to 32 people with their gear in total.

Part of the stair case had already been claimed by the major networks and publications supporting the show. Fashion File, CBC newsworld, National Post, Loreal, The Fashion Design Council of Canada, the Toronto Star, to name a few. Other spaces on the stairs were designated by marked off rectangular areas using white tape. Kind of like Les Nesman and his imaginary office on WKRP. These "areas" are reserved for a photographer, videographer on a first come first serve basis.

Get there early and the spot is yours. Get there late and you have to ask permission to shoot behind or next to the photographer that was there first. Overall the camera people are very helpful and friendly. It's like an unwritten rule of photography etiquette. Be nice to other people because at the next shoot you may find yourself needing help.

The big favorite collection of the day came from Izzy Camilleri. Sporting a lot of leather in a blade runner sort of style. I have to say that the girls wearing the outfits were pretty stunning. I may not know fashion but I know what I like. The pale make up was a good contrast to the dark black clothing. It presented a challenge shooting as you wanted to see details in the clothing without the skin being overblown.

The only thing that seemed odd was the model's hair style. What's up with that? It looked like a goose needed a place to dump on and found the model's head. I liked the slicked back part of the hair style but the hair forming a "J" on the forehead looked weird.

That's the thing about fashion and art, you can always find something that you can pick at. I'm sure somewhere there's some hair stylist that loved that look.

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