Monday, August 07, 2006

A Bridge Over A Big Fat Drop

Andrew Majtenyi helps demonstrate the camera's depth of field control.

With one more day of car rental I ended up driving up to Josie's place to join her and Andrew on an outing around Milton. The same place we were a few days ago. The highlight of the trip was walking along some railroad track up onto a bridge and looking straight down. As I'm not a huge fan of heights, this was a big deal for me. While Andrew walked along the tracks like a mountain goat by contrast I slowly crept out clutching my already strapped camera to me.

Sure falling would be bad. Dropping the camera probably worse. It was my D200 afterall. I wondered if there were any companies that made bungee cords as safety things for one's camera. Then I realized there is a camera strap for around your neck. Brilliant.

We're in a small cave

Some exposed tree trunks

The only covered bridge in Ontario

Andrew on a train bridge

Me, looking over the side.

Look, I'm waving into the trees


Anonymous said...

What a great outing...where in Milton where you? Is Andrew the clothing designer?

BagelHot said...

Not sure where exacltly. And Yes it's Andrew the clothing designer.