Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chicken Burger Craving

Chicken Burger Combo

Today was another one of those days that I decided would be used for catching up on those chores that seem to just keep piling up. Dishes, laundry, general cleaning around the apartment, backing up files, buying groceries, toilet paper, weeding the garden. Another slow day for the most part.

The hilight, other than catching up on sleep, was to go to the corner restaurant and feast on a chicken burger. There are four places that actually sell chicken burgers in this area.

1) Occasions - Generally great food at quite affordable prices but their chicken burger is a chicken breast. Way too healthy. A burger, I'd go for sure. A chicken burger, no.

2) JP restaurant - the particle chicken burger that's fried extra crispy. I love this chicken burger but the fries aren't that great as they're soggy.

3) PizzaTime - would you get a chicken burger from a Pizza Place? Plus the oil the chicken burgers are fried in tastes weird.

4) The New Family Restaurant - The chicken burgers are good, the fries are homemade fat fries and the gravy is heart stopping, artery clogging. The only downside is that they cut the chicken burger into halves which maximizes condiment spillage.

In the end I went with restaurant #4. The chicken burger cut in half is not really a bad thing and I could always ask them not to chop it in half (but I forgot to).

Taking pictures and consuming the food (see above) I was in my own little world. At one point a person sitting in front of me dropped her hat. She was sitting looking in the other direction so I didn't see her face. At one point she got up and gyrated for the other girl demonstrating some dance technique. It was then that I tuned into her voice and recognized it to belong to Judy. The same person that holds a shimmy-a-thon for charities every year.

Judy, Belly Dance Instructor

After talking to her and Shelly I found that I freaked Shelly out when I was taking pictures of the food and pointing the camera in their general direction. She thought I was taking pictures of them or something. In the end everything worked out once she knew Judy knew me.

Judy and Shelly

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