Friday, August 11, 2006

WakeStock Day 2

Wipe Out with a wave of water right into my camera!

Today at WakeStock, on the islands, I decided to start the day by shooting the tow cable pool. This pool created expressly for the purpose of WakeStock is composed of two pools of water connected by banisters (or rails). The wake boarder is given a cable which is attached to a truck tow that is activated to pull the boarder across the body of water.

If successful the wake boarder makes it all the way across performing various stunts along the way. Unsuccessful, the boarder wipes out somewhere along the way. In the picture above I just happened to be standing next to the pool right in front of the boarder that wiped out. The water displacement from the fallen boarder came right out of the pool drenching me and my camera.

Had I been shooting with my D70 my camera motherboard would have probably have been fried (much like my 990 a few years ago in the rain) and would have cost be a pretty penny to replace/have it fixed. Luckily for me, and Nikon could do a ad campaign on this, I was shooting with my D200. The camera that has rubberized sealed seams making the camera water resistant.

Of course while getting soaked I still tried pulling the camera under my body to protect it. I managed to save the 70-200mm lens from getting any water on the front but everything else got soaked. Despite my initial sense of fear the camera continued to work fine. Right on!

Waiting for music to start

The rest of the day was spent shooting around the park documenting the music concerts, the crowd, the wake boarders riding the rails and the crazy-assed motorcyclists. These daredevils zoomed up ramps at 70 degree angles (I'm guessing) to fly into the air at tree heights to do the odd pose, then land on another ramp to come down and repeat.

Reef girl makes a face

It's it just me or is it just girls dancing?

Truths and Rights

Ride the rails

Yikes! Stunt biker lying down while flying through the air

What do these guys eat for breakfast?

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