Thursday, August 10, 2006

WakeStock 2006

Toronto Islands from the Ferry

Today marked the first day of WakeStock here in Toronto. An event that combines extreme sport activities (Motorcross stunt bikes, skateboarding), music, beautiful women, and of course Wake boarding. So what is wake boarding you ask?

Wake boarding is a sport that is kind of like water skiing with a modified snow board... a wake board. When you think that skate boarding came from surfing, and snow boarding came from skate boarding, it's kind of odd that the circle would be completed by snowboarding going back into the water.

The wake boarder uses the speed boats wake to jump doing tricks in the water, flips, back flips, spinning, even riding rails (much like a skate boarder will fly down a banister).

Wake boarder is towed by a speed boat

Wake border performing a stunt using the wake of the speed boat

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