Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where the Heck am I?

The Thrifty car rental place in Brampton

It's a long story but to summarize today I had to return a rental car to Brampton by 2:30pm. Not too bad at least I didn't have to wake up real early. I drove Kyoko to work, stopped by a McDonalds (I was craving an egg McMuffin for some reason), then drove up to Brampton to return the car I rented from Thrifty's (the only car rental place that had a car available on the Caribana weekend).

The rental contract had some other address on it and no where on the contract did it actually have the location to bring back the car. I was driving down the road and it didn't look right. Not familiar with Brampton to begin with I thought to myself "Where the heck am I?".

Thanks to learning geography due to food locations I remembered that the car rental place was directly south of Hooters. I remembered passing by it upon picking up the car and as fortune would have it it's the same restaurant location that the Miss Hooters Bikini contest was held so many months ago.

The hour and a half bus ride back into the city

The subway and only forty minutes until home

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Anonymous said...

It was really a treat getting a drive to work! Thanks Bagelhot**! As far as the original reason why you rented the car, I don't think I should comment.

**A contemporary term in North American English, Bagelhot is often a synonym for very, very kind hearted but sometimes misguided.