Friday, August 04, 2006

Streetcar Museum

Andrew's foot bath tub

So today's adventure took us to a Natural foods store where Andrew put his feet in a tub of water and had negative ions charge his feet. Yes this sounds weird to me as well. After a few minutes the water started turning yellow/brownish. When complete the water was this (see directly below) rustic color.

The water after 30 minutes

Yep it's as gross as it looks. Where does all that goop come from? Your feet. The process kind of reminds me of electrolysis. Only instead of gold you are putting your feet into salt water. Supposedly this is a way to cleanse your lymphatic system.

Board walk near Milton

After the foot cleansing and a short drive out to Milton we found ourselves at this green space with this board walk. The water was like glass and made for some pretty nice scenic pictures. Mosquitos were out in full force. A few bit me in the back through the T-shirt. Stupid bugs. After getting eaten alive we ended up traveling to the Streetcar museum.

This was more fun in that there were no bugs and you actually got to ride on the streetcars for a bit. The museum had a small set of rails that took you from the main train/streetcar yard to an ice cream store. What a way to suck in kids. It's like the toy store at the end of a Disney ride.

An old but working Streetcar

Old advertising

An old non-working streetcar

A parked streetcar

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