Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday on the Islands

The ArsonCityScape at the skate board park stage

Another day on the islands. I started at the skateboard stage at WakeStock and shot a band called The Arsoncityscape. After that I hurried over to Wards to shoot the sound walk and the outdoor concert. Then once the concert as over I hurried back to see the final hours of WakeStock.

The last few days have been a bit exhausting photo wise. I'll have to sleep in tomorrow.

Paddling Lake Ontario

Nadine leads today's sound walk

The installation dancers

Sound in the outdoors

That's not a dead body. That's Julia Male in mist of a performance.

How did you say you wanted your burger?

WakeStocker Linda does a hand stand.

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Anonymous said...

You must have been dead tired by Sunday night...get some sleep you freak! (When I say freak, I mean it in the nicest way.)