Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lisa's House Warming

Something I was thinking about while munching on food

This afternoon was Lisa's house warming/barbecue. As opposed to the tradition of buying a plant I brought over an extra large 30 something rolls of super soft toilet paper. The logic being there's a lot of people at the house warming, and even if there's left overs someone will eventually use it... in hindsight I should have made a cake.

I seem to recall as a house warming gift I got a plant from someone. It was a cactus. It died less than a week later. The needles had fallen off and the cactus shriveled up like a brown deflated balloon. I cursed the apartment gods at the time and swore off planting. Years went by before realizing that it might not have been my fault that the plant died (at least not entirely) and tried planting a garden in the backyard. For those that are keeping track I have a bunch of spearmint and the tomatoes are actually growing (they're still green though).

Tomatoes a plenty

Speaking of tomatoes, Lisa had a bunch of her own that she plucked fresh from her garden to create the dish above. All day we sat around eating (or grazing) and as the food on the table started to disappear another visitor would come bringing more food and we'd start all over again.

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Cupcake said...

It was John and I who gave you that cactus. We figured we'd try to see if you'd care for it.