Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life's Weird Ass Turns

The new Ex poster in the local bus shelter featuring Wei Chen

Every now and then I'm sure everyone thinks "What ever happened to...". Rewind a few years back to high school. There was this guy who seemed to play every musical instrument imaginable. You'd think he would be a composer or something.

Fast forward to the present. Nope, he's happily married with kids (I wonder if that's them in the poster) and does work on movies and TV shows being an extra. I bumped into him on "Blueprint for Disaster". Wei still dabbles in music. He teaches piano.

If you asked me in high school what I'd be I probably would have said computer games programmer or a programmer of some kind. It would take about five years of programming databases and unimaginative applications for other people to figure out that programming wasn't in the cards for me as a career.

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