Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sound Walk

Charlotte stops to take a sound sample

Today's sound walk from Wards island was slightly different from yesterday in that the path varied and there were different sound installations. One of them being a women pushing a baby buggy with noises from a playground coming from it.

Charlotte, one of the NAISA members followed the sound walk group carefully recording the whole route. There were points at which she would wait for the group to go on so she could sample the ambient sounds without all our clutter.

The baby buggy installation

While shooting the sound walk you really get an appreciation for owning a blimp. Not that I have one but I am required to purchase one should I ever want to shoot on set stills. For those that don't know a blimp is a container you place your camera in so the shutter noise gets muffled. Blimps are pretty expensive and are custom made for your particular camera model.

Personally I'd rather buy an underwater container (an Ikelite) for my camera and I don't even swim much. Maybe if I got the Ikelite I would. At the very least I could go to the beach without worrying about sand or water. Maybe even sailing, or boating. hmmm... The Ikelite is actually cheaper than the blimp.

Charlotte makes a face

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