Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bikini Day - day two

Dawne Furey poses for the camera

Urban Male Magazine held a small party at the Docks today. To help launch the new BOBBi magazine they threw a bikini contest. The weather was quite grey and although it did not rain it was a bit cold. As far as a photo op it was great. The looming clouds meant no harsh shadows. Kind of like a giant softbox in the sky. The low temperature... well, uh yeah.

Among the contestants there were familiar faces. Laura from the Brampton Hooters, Amy who won the Toronto Island title yesterday, Anisa the winner of the 2006 CHIN bikini pageant, Sunny the winner from the 2005 CHIN bikini pageant, Speedorama model and Dawne from last years Miss REEF contest, Molson Indy and Molson street party, were just a few that I recognized.

The turnout at the Docks for this particular event was pretty low. Perhaps it's because of the weather (it is a big patio afterall), maybe the advertising wasn't there, maybe people were still recovering from the Island Party, or maybe with all the rumours being spread of the Docks losing their operating license due to disturbing the Wards Island neighbors have somehting to do with it.

From a photographer's point of view it was nice to get clear shots without having to worry about someone's hand in the frame with a cell phone camera or getting pushed out of the way by some other photographer with no etiquette (that happened to me yesterday).

Amy Lynn or should I say Miss Toronto Island 2006

Amy had won todays contest as well making her the UMM bikini model for 2006. This had a deja vu affect on me. Didn't I just shoot this yesterday?

Anisa Xhakolli aka Miss CHIN bikini 2006

Laura from Brampton

Some new faces

My favorite candid shot for the day


Anonymous said...

That is a good candid.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have any more pictures from last year's Miss Reef...I know a girl who was in it but I can't find any pictures of the event. Thanks a lot in advance.

BagelHot said...

Yes I took pictures of all the girls on stage for 2005. Contact me via email. Go to the Bagelhot site for my contact info or email me from there.

phaedrav said...

You are my hero.

I especially like the candid shot. Great elbows.