Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just Plane Dumb

Watching planes land

I did something extremely dumb today. The details really aren't that important. It's one of those things that seem like a good idea at the time but in the end really isn't. "What the hell possessed me to take that course of action? Hello?". This happens to me not so often but mix in a girl and some sleep deprivation and you've got a recipe for disaster.

There's another one.

I ended up going to the local runway and sat there for a few hours watching planes land and take off. It's odd. I wasn't the only one. There was an odd demographic sitting on the side of the road watching the flight action. An old lady in a car, a fat guy on a motorcycle, two guys in a SUV that looked like they were taking notes, and father and son. I contemplated the individual stores of why each one of them were there.

My skin started feeling like it was baking in the hot sun eventually and I decided to leave. There really wasn't any way to fix what had been done and trying to fix things by taking other actions would probably only make things worse. I headed towards home.

There's a roller derby near Erin Mills.

Without getting into the whole having a car rental on the weekend of Caribana, the busiest weekend of the year it seems for car renting, I was stuck with a car for two more days. Since I hadn't seen Darryl in a while I asked if he wanted to go for dinner somewhere. I would pick him up in the car. Once in the car we started driving east, then north, then west. We started heading toward Niagara Falls.

In the end we only made it to Erin Mills. I had to pull over to get gas. Near Erin Mills there was a Roller Derby place. We stopped by to check it out. It was about 10:40pm or so. I noticed at 11:00pm to 4am there was an all night Christian roller event. Did that mean you had to be a Christian to skate? It was bizarre to say the least.

Darryl seemed to become pale or maybe it was agitation. I'm not sure. We left the Roller Palace to travel down along the lake shore. For some reason that's what Darryl wanted to do. Since I was driving us out in the middle of nowhere I complied. It took us to a large industrial plant where I decided to park the car and get a few pictures. There was another car there so I parked behind it.

Near the lakeshore also at Erin Mills there's this industrial plant.

Getting out of the car I noticed a girl coming out of the bushes. There were bushes or maybe small trees that covered the hill next to the plant. Turns out that her and her boyfriend who came out later carrying a camera (a D70) on a tripod were taking night pictures as well. We introduced ourselves to each other and talked camera for a time. Eventually they left leaving Darryl and I to shoot some images.

We manage to get ice cream second before the store closes.

Along the way back home we drove past a ice cream store called Dairy Cream. I had to double back to park and check to see if they sold burgers. Darryl seemed to be getting tired and we were both famished. They didn't sell any meat products so we bought some ice cream. The girl behind the counter looked like she was going to fall flat on her face from exhaustion. I noticed that we arrived something like 30 seconds to close. Oh yeah we made her day I'm sure as she had to reopen containers to get my banana sundae ingredients together.

Eventually we ended up at the usual spot for food. That being Swatow. On Spadina just north of dundas on the east side of the street. About two blocks away from where I picked up Darryl in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Swato, cheap, delicious, open late, a Toronto main-stay for sure.